Strategic Plan 2021-2022

Our goal is to help all our children and families to come to school, safely and ready to learn.

Children who might have gaps in learning from lockdown need to be helped to fill them. Children who have learnt lots through lockdown need to be helped to continue to learn more and access a rich and varied curriculum.

We also need to make sure we have an online platform ready to support home learning for children and families should they need to self-isolate or quarantine at home.

Our communication with families must be good so that we can work together to make the best of this year.

Here is an overview of some of the priorities we have for this year.

If you feel that we have missed something or there is something more we can do please get in touch and let us know.

We continue to support those who are isolating and provide regular communication and updates about the situation in school.

Use MS Teams for parents evenings and an online booking system

Develop homework policy and approach with parents to support filling in gaps and balance well being

Develop online homework platform with links to live lessons in the event of bubble lock down

Goals to develop the curriculum

Develop recovery curriculum for Autumn 1 to assess learning and highlight gaps

Review curriculum for Y1 to ensure reading and writing skills are addressed

Reviewed curriculum for Y2 to make sure phonics is taught to support children catching up as well as preparing the children for Y2 SATS

Reviewed Y3 curriculum to ensure it allows transition into KS2 whilst addressing KS1 and SATs

Develop phonics approach for early reading in school F1, F2, Y1

Develop high frequency word reading approach for early reading

Develop skills curriculum and assessment system

Develop long term plan from F1 to Y6

Improve standards in reading and writing

Behaviour and Conduct

Develop praise policy, Character counts, Three Peaks Challenge and house teams

Develop behaviour policy

Develop employability strategy for pupils in bubbles and across the school when we can

Develop behaviour logging system in school

Personal Development

Developed character counts and experiences for children to have across school

Mental well-being strategy – yoga, meditation, a package for mental well-being. Me time and pupil and staff mental well being

Develop pastoral support programme including ELSA and art therapy

Develop anti bullying strategy with pupils

Develop equalities agenda and approach to prepare pupils for life in multicultural world