Optional Extra Learning Activities

Clicking the link below , log on to letter-join and select the class F2. Once you have logged in, a task bar will appear. It will ask you to click on the resources tab on the left hand side. Then click on word animator. You will see our word bank. Click on a letter , trace and copy.

If your child is finding the letter formation difficult, you can click on patterns tab on the left hand side to practice patterns before letters.

Please use the video to watch Miss Norman logging into Letter-join.

Show Resilience – persist with something that you find tricky! Try a game for an aspect of maths that you have find challenging over the last couple of weeks.

Practise kindness by partaking in an act of kindness for somebody, maybe a neighbour, friend or grandparent. Post your act of kindness on tapestry for us to share with the class.

Being brave – can you show bravery in trying something new?