Our Curriculum

Reception have burst back into the classroom with fantastic energy and are ready to take on new learning!

In Phonics, we have continued to look at Phase 3 digraphs, while embedding our previously taught sounds. Children have been introduced to lots of new tricky words this term too, and have become great at spotting these in sentences. In our writing we have been looking at non-fiction and how we can share information.  Last term the children collaborated on their posters, advising the public on how to look after our oceans, as well as writing poems about the sea creatures they met at the Sea Life Centre.  This term the children will be making lift-the-flap maps, to share information about what they have learnt about different continents around the world. The children will also be creating non-fiction e-books about insects, which we hope to share with you at our mini-beast parent event!

In maths, we have continued our understanding of number, focusing now on teen numbers and beyong. We have been looking at different representations, positioning on a number line and number bonds for these numbers. Children have been using their knowledge of number to solve problems and have become keen maths teachers themselves. After learning about each number they showcase their knowledge bycreating a teen number booklet to share with their peers! During the previous term the children looked at numerical patterns within our number system, where they have used their previous knowledge of number bonds to work out how to halve, share and double.

For our last topic ‘Plastic Planet’, we ventured into the world’s oceans, learning about each one and which animals live there. Our trip to the Sea Life Centre gave the childen oppotunities to get up, close and personal with some of their favourite sea creatures too. During the topic we have been exploring pollution and recycling. The children have been learning about how to keep sea creatures safe, and how to look after our planet. Severn Trent also visited Eastfield to help the children investigate this further. Alongside this we have been learning about important people involved in looking after our planet; such as David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.

In our current topic ‘Humid Planet’, we have gone off to explore a range of countries and continents around the world! Africa, India and our world’s rainforests have become areas of interest. The children have started to draw comparisons and find diffeences between these places and our own home. We are fully emersing ourselves in the diverse cultures with experiences including: African drumming, Indian cooking and a South American animal encounter! Log into Tapestry to see photos of the children celebrating these cultures.

Below are some of the books we have been sharing around both topics which you may wish to borrow from the library to share at home too.

In our EYFS we are continuing to look at what makes each of us special and unique. As a class we have been looking at a range of stories and people, who have taught us about how amazing our diverse world is and how everyone should be included and treated with equality and kindness.

Below are a range of stories that we have shared in class so far. You may want to purchase these to look at with your children at home or there are also videos of people reading these on YouTube. Our local library also stock a great range of books for these themes.

Wow Work 2021-2022

Take a look at some of the fabulous work the children have been making this term, during their free time in the environment. This is the time where they can follow their own interests and apply what they have learnt in ways that they have chosen.

For maths, the children have created their own board games, including different number sentences and doubles! Reception invited year 3 into the classroom to play their mathematical board games and Year 3 said they were very impressed with the children’s number bond knowledge.