Our Curriculum

Welcome to Eastfield Reception! Below you will find information on what your child will be learning during the term. We also showcase lots of wonderful learning your children have been doing on Tapestry and the Eastfield twitter page.

It is important to us that your children feel safe, happy and welcome in the classroom, so that they can reach their full potential. In this first term we will focus on children’s emotions and well-being, teaching them about how to label their emotions and how to respond when they are feeling different ways. We will look at what a worry is and who we can go to when we are feeling worried. We will set up a worry box in our classroom for the children to use if they wish to share a worry with us.

At the start of this term your children will start to learn their Phase 2 Phonics, using the Little Wandle phonic scheme. The first phonemes your children will learn will be ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’ and ‘n’. Once childen learn these they will start to blend these sounds together i.e. ‘s’-‘i’-‘t’ = sit. We will practise reading small words lots – during Phonics lessons, during guided reading groups and also when playing in the environment.

In maths, we will be practising all the rules of counting, making sure that we count in the correct order and counting one object or action at a time. We will then be following our Number Sense approach to number, where we look at one number each week and become masters of it! We will be looking at different representations, positioning on a number line and number bonds for these numbers. Children will use this knowledge of number to solve problems and have become keen maths teachers themselves. After learning about each number they showcase their knowledge by creating a shared number book with their peers!

Below are some of the books we will be shaing during our first term, which you may wish to borrow from the library to share at home too.

In our EYFS we celebrate what makes each of us special and unique. As a class we have been looking at a range of stories and people, who have taught us about how amazing our diverse world is and how everyone should be included and treated with equality and kindness.

Below are a range of stories that we will be sharing. You may want to purchase these to look at with your children at home or there are also videos of people reading these on YouTube. Our local library also stock a great range of books for these themes. If you know any other stories like this please share them with us too.

Wow Work 2022-2023

Below you will find a showcase of the brilliant creations your children have been making during their time in continuours provision. This is the time where they can follow their own interests and apply what they have learnt in ways that they have chosen in their play.

Whilst reading The Colour Monster, the children made their own  monsters, based on the colours of how they felt. The children are using the reflection area in the classroom to discuss how they are feeling. It has been great to see the colour monster drawings that the children have made at home too! Whilst reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’ the children also learnt about the class worry box, where they can write their name if they want to share a worry with an adult. Our focused vocabulay this term is all around emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, confused, calm and anger.