Our children’s well-being is important and in school we have discussed with the children being mindful. Below are some suggested activities that you can do with your children to support their well-being at home. Anything where children can practise being present and content is great, such as gardening, baking and being out in nature.

Before story time at the end of each day, the children have a moment to reflect, breathe and be present. We will often light a candle or play some relaxing music videos, like the one seen below. The children have been introduced to a range of breathing techniques, but they especially enjoy ‘lion’s breath’!


Mindfullness Music


Creating a gratitude journal or speaking about what has made your child happy today is a great way to practise gratitude. Below is a printable gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal


Yoga is a fantastic opportunity to relax and be present. We have used Cosmic Yoga in school and there are lots of free videos on You Tube.