Optional Extra Learning Activities

Log onto letter join find your class and complete the activity that pops up!

Listen to recording and follow along with the actions.



Tolerance – ‘We are more similar than we are different’ –  Tolerance means listening to other peoples views and opinions without judgement. Everyone is unique and has a voice and everyone deserves to be accepted and treated with respect. We should be proud of our similarities and differences.

It is really important that you keep yourself safe whilst using a tablet, I – pad, mobile phone and other devices. The internet is a wonderful tool that transforms our lives however there are aspects that we need to protect our children from. Every 2 weeks we will upload an activity from the Think U Know online safety education programme. These have 15 minute activities, ideas and talking points to ensure that you and your child are able to access the internet safely.

Thinkuknow 4 5s Home Activity Sheet 1

Have a go at reading this information about fairytales then answer the questions below.

Reading Comp Fairy Tale Worksheet