When teaching reading in KS1, we teach the children 5 different reading skills:

  • Draw on knowledge of vocabulary to understand texts.
  • To identify/ explain key aspects of fiction and non fiction texts, such as characters, events, titles and information.
  • Identify and explain the sequence of events in texts.
  • To make inferences from the text.
  • To predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far.

Below is a story that we have shared in Year 1. After the story there are some questions that you could ask your child when sharing a book together.

Sharing reading

When sharing a book with your child, try to take opportunities to talk about the book – before, during and after reading.

Before reading: look at the book cover and talk about your child’s expectations. Is the book likely to be fiction or non-fiction? Have you read other books together about these characters or by this author? What does your child think the book is going to be about?

While reading:  Remind your child to listen to the words while reading them, to make sure that they make sense. Have a ‘meaning check’ every now and again to ensure that your child understands the text. You could also ask questions about the book as you are reading, for example:

Why could the boy not see the stars early in the morning?

How do you think the boy felt when he couldn’t reach the star?

What do you think will happen next?

After reading: talk about the book. What was it about? Did it match your child’s expectations? Ask questions beginning with the words how and why to check that your child has been able to read between the lines. You may also get your child to re tell the story to you and to talk about what their favourite part of the story was and why.

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