Your wellbeing should be the most important thing to consider and we want you to look after both your body and your mind. Use the resources below to help!

Elsa Wellbeing

The document below outlines 14 great activities that you can do to improve your wellbeing- Set your self a target to complete some of these each week; you will really feel the difference! Click here to visit the ELSA wellbeing week blog, where you will find daily challenges.

Elsa 14 Day Home Challenge 1

Cosmic Yoga

This includes Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids. Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence- and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early!

Stream all the videos from here: https://app.cosmickids.com

Train to teach kids yoga with Jaime: http://cosmickids.com/learn

Mental health and wellbeing calendar

Below is the Summer mental health and wellbeing calendar which has lots of activities throughout the term for Primary age children. The calendar covers awareness days and themes including mental health awareness week, international children’s day and dealing with exam stress.

Mental Health And Wellbeing Timetable Summer

Kindness calendar

Make kindness the norm! This calendar has daily random acts of kindness. Some of them apply to school but also home. They focus on being kind to others but also taking the time to be kind to yourself.

Kindness Calendar