English Games

Grammar Terminology

Here are some great games for you to play to help you with those grammatical terms we need to know:

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Verbs in Space

What are adverbs?

Spot the nouns

Spot the adjectives

Edit these Super Stories by improving the verbs and adverbs!


Practise the Year 3/4 Common Exception Words in this game that splits words up into syllables to help you learn (click on ‘Practise/Test’, then ‘Begin Practice’ to play).

Try watching these Year 3 spelling patterns videos. Once you’ve watched each one take the spelling quiz to test your knowledge!

Or have a go at these:

Spooky Spellings

Word search 

Snowball spellings 


If  you are in Mrs Ball’s Phonics group, please check here for daily phonics lessons.

Below are some fun games to play so you can improve your phonics skills even more:

Viking Full Circle

Blending Bingo

Poop deck pirates