Optional Extra Learning Activities

Here are each groups spellings for this week. Please practise them ready to complete the test on Friday 9.7.21. You can also find these on Satchel One.

Spellings will be slightly different for our final week. The children have been given a statutory spelling list for Years 3 / 4. The list is compiled of words containing the suffixes, prefixes and spelling patterns that the children have learnt this year.

We will not test them on all of the words but 15 chosen at random. Please choose the appropriate list from the teacher groups below.

Mr Hurst, Miss Allison and Miss Newson’s group:

JH LN LA Spellings 9.7.21

Mrs Ball and Mrs Belaroussi’s group:

DB Spellings 9.7.21


Listen to Miss Newson read chapters 41 and 42 of our class book- ‘The Ice Monster’ by David Walliams (our author of the term).

This section will be updated daily so check back tomorrow for the next chapter!

If you missed a chapter , don’t worry you can find them all here:

Chapter 1

Chapters 2 & 3  

Chapters 4 & 5 

Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 8 

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapters 12 & 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapters 16 & 17 

Chapters 18 & 19 

Chapters 20 & 21

Chapters 22 & 23

Chapters 24 & 25 

Chapters 26- 28

Chapters 29 & 30 

Chapters 31 & 32

Chapters 33 & 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36 

Chapters 37 & 38

Chapters 39 & 40

Click here to log  in to letter- join to practise this weeks words. Once you are logged in click on 3LN. Go to the resources tab on the left had side – word animator – choose the a word bank “homophones” from the drop down in the top right corner – click on a word to practise.

Or why not show off your listening skills by having a go at the dictation exercises!

If you are in Mrs Ball’s and Mrs Belaroussi’s Phonics group, please check the website daily for your phonics video or task. You may need to pause the videos at various points when you need to complete the tasks. On Fridays there will not be a phonics videos or tasks set. Instead, you should complete your spelling test at this time.

Now that we have revised all of the phases we would like you to practise applying your phonics sounds. In your spellings this week, you may have noticed your words all contain an /oa/ sound. This phoneme can be spelt in many different ways.

Thursday 4.3.21

For your Phonics task today you have a phoneme spotter story. Hidden within the story text there are words that contain the /oa/ sound. This might be spelt oa. oe, o- e, o or ow. Highlight, colour or underline the word if it contains an /oa/ sound.

Extra challenge: Use the table included to sort the words by their grapheme.

Alternative Oa 4.3.21

Wednesday 3.2.21

3.3.21 Alternative Oa

Tuesday 2.3.21 

2.3.21 Alternative Oa

Monday 1.3.21

Let’s begin the week by recapping the phase 3 oa phoneme. We know this one really well.

Sort to oa words into real or nonsense (alien) words by colouring them in separate colours. If you don’t have any pencil crayons or printing at home you can make two lists or just colour in the real words.

Phase 3 /oa/ Sound 1.3.21

Thursday 25.2.21

For your Phonics task today you have a phoneme spotter story. Hidden within the story text there are words that contain the /igh/ sound. This might be spelt igh. ie, i – e, i or y (at the end of a word). Highlight, colour or underline the word if it contains an /igh/ sound.

For an extra challenge: choose 5 different colours and highlight each grapheme a different colour when you spot it in the text. e.g. all words with ‘igh’ in are red but split digraph ‘i-e’ words are blue etc.

Alternative igh 25.2.21



Have a go at these games to help you to speed up your mental calculations for the four operations (+ , – , X and divide )

Rocket Rounding

Hit the Button (doubles, halves, number bonds, times tables or division facts)

Mental Maths Train (calculations)

Daily 10 (set yourself a timed challenge for a range of mathematical concepts)

Birds v Robots Maths Battle (various skills)

Do a  Joe Wicks session (new sessions available Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Learn a new dance from Just Dance.

Improve your flexibility with some Cosmic Yoga

In Year 3, we believe it’s vital that children develop their character. We have come up with a list of 101 things to do before you leave Primary school. You may want to record your achievements in a diary or folder or perhaps think of another way to record what you have done!

Home Learning Log

Now more than ever it is incredibly important to stay safe online. The internet is a wonderful tool that transforms our lives however there are aspects that we need to protect our children from. Every 2 weeks we will upload an activity from the Think U Know online safety education programme. These have 15 minute activities, ideas and talking points to ensure that you and your child are able to access the internet safely.