Year 3

Welcome Back

Hello Year 3! We are really excited to welcome you back into school and for you to start your Key Stage Two journey. We have lots of exciting learning and experiences for you to enjoy and explore throughout the year. If you are interested in a particular subject that we are covering and you create something at home, we would love to see this and display it in our classrooms.

We Will Rock You!

During the Autumn term, children will learn all about The Stone Age.

Year 3 will study some stone age sites in the UK including Skara Brae in Orkney and Stonehenge in Wiltshire plus they will be able to locate these on a map. Pupils will learn all about the different eras of the stone age and moving from hunter gathering to early farming. In science, children will study rocks and soils including fossils.

Please find below the topic web for the summer term, which details everything that we will be covering. (This is a working document and is subject to change).


During Autumn Term, year 3 will look at poetry including Kennings and Haiku poetry. We will also read the books The Stone Giant, Stone age boy and How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth, through these texts pupils will also learn how to write a character description, setting description, alternative ending and their own narratives. Year 3 will also write cross the curriculum, including:  scientific reports and a non chronological report.

Children will read regularly and take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school. It would be fantastic to see even more Year 3 pupils achieve their Bronze Reading Athlete Medal for reading at home – please support your child in striving for this. Don’t forget to check out the Year 3 Reading tab at the top, for some support and ideas for reading with your child.


During the Autumn term we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication & division.  We use the White Rose Maths overview so if you would like to further support your child at home then you might like to visit their website.

Any support with reading a clock, both digital and analogue would help support your child’s learning.

Stone Age to Iron Age Glossary

Pre-history – before writing was invented

Stone Age – a period of time when people used stone tools, from the beginning of human history in Britain (approximately 40,000BC) to around 2500BC

Bronze Age – a period of time when people used bronze tools, from around 2500BC to around 800BC (in Britain)

Iron Age – a period of time when people used iron tools, from around 800BC to 43AD (in Britain)

Paleolithic – the first part of the Stone Age. This period lasted around 30,000 years in Britain

Mesolithic – the second part of the Stone Age, from around 10,000BC to 4000BC in Britain

Neolithic – the last part of the Stone Age, from around 4000BC to 2500BC in Britain

Nomadic – a lifestyle where people move around instead of living in one place

Hunter-gatherer – a person who finds food by hunting wild animals and picking wild plants

Flint – a dark grey stone that flakes easily to make tools

Henge – a circular monument made of wood or stone

Mammoth – a large animal like a woolly elephant that is now extinct

Sabre-toothed tiger – a large animal like a tiger with big fangs that is now extinct

Doggerland – the land that connected Britain to Europe until around 6500BC

Skara Brae – remains of Stone Age houses in Scotland, one of the earliest know settlements in Britain