Year 3


Year 3 weekly homework – 20th May – 27th May 2022

This does not have to be handed in, it is a chance for children to practice skills learnt in class.




Gladiators Ready

The Spring term saw Year 3 go back in time and learn about the Romans. Children learnt about the Roman Empire and how the successful invasion had a positive impact on Britain today. As well as this, Children studied key characters in the Roman Era: Boudicca and Julius Caesar. They also researched, designed and created a moving chariot.

In Science, we learnt about Forces and Magnets and spent time investigating the relationships between North and South. Year 3 have also continued to study European countries in Geography and how to create PowerPoints in computing. Year 3 have also spent time being taught gymnastics and Badminton in PE.

Multiplication, Division and Fractions have been our main study this term in Maths and children have successfully found fractions of amounts, adding and subtracting fractions and compared and ordered them.

Pictures from our Spring Terms learning

Rumble in the Rainforest

During the Summer term, children will learn all about rainforests, with a particular focus on the Amazon. Year 3 will study the different layers of the rainforest and the animals which live their. Through this exploration of the Amazon, children will create a puppet style animal of their choice using sewing techniques.

In science, children will learn about plants and dissect one to see the different parts of these.

Please find below the topic web for the summer term, which details everything that we will be covering. (This is a working document and is subject to change).

Year 3 Rumble In The Rainforest


During Summer term, we will be consolidating the skills that we have learnt in the Autumn and Spring term. We will be doing this by: writing a narrative, poetry and an explanation text. In addition, Year 3 will also write cross the curriculum, including:  scientific reports and a non chronological report.

Children will continue to read regularly and take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school. It would be fantastic to see even more Year 3 pupils achieve their Bronze Reading Athlete Medal for reading at home – please support your child in striving for this. Don’t forget to check out the Year 3 Reading tab at the top, for some support and ideas for reading with your child.


During the Summer term, we will be moving onto measure, time and position and direction.  We use the White Rose Maths overview so if you would like to further support your child at home then you might like to visit their website.

Any support with reading a clock, both digital and analogue would help support your childs learning.