Year 3

Welcome Back

We have lots of exciting learning and experiences for you to enjoy and explore throughout this term. If you are interested in a particular subject that we are covering and you create something at home, we would love to see this and display it in our classrooms.

Rumble in the Jungle!

During the Summer term, children will learn all about tropical rainforests.

Year 3 will learn what rainforests are and where in the world they are located. They will also learn about the climate of a rainforest biome. The children will compare the rainforest to the UK and Europe and learn map skills alongside.


This term the children will be learning to write: poetry, narrative and persuasive adverts. As always, throughout these text genres we will be embedding our GPS and vocabulary skills and knowledge.

Children will read regularly and take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school. It would be fantastic to see the Year 3 classes winning the fortnightly trophy for the most reading raffle tickets (5 reads at home = 1 raffle ticket). Don’t forget to check out the Year 3 Reading tab at the top, for some support and ideas for reading with your child.


Your child will be given a new set of spellings to practise each week and will be tested weekly. A hard copy is provided each Friday and they will be tested the following Friday. In addition, you can access their spellings via spelling shed using the login details and information sent out at the beginning of January. Spelling shed/Ed shed can be found following this link  Further to this, please find below the spellings for each group for the spring term (Your child knows which group they are in).

Ladybirds Summer Term Spelling Overview

Butterflies And Dragonflies Spelling Overview Summer Term


During the Summer term we will be looking at fractions, mass & capacity, shape, money, statistics and time.  We use the White Rose Maths overview so if you would like to further support your child at home then you might like to visit their website.

Tropical Rainforest Glossary