Year 3

Adventures around the World

We have had an excellent start to the year! Mr Jones and Mr Ellis have loved welcoming you to your new classrooms and making a good start to Key Stage 2.

We have been working through our mini-topic of ‘Adventures around the World’ to welcome the children back. They have been learning about different countries and cultures around the world. The children have studied music, celebrations, artwork and even cheese from different regions of the globe.

We Will Rock You

Our new topic is ‘We Will Rock You’ where children will be learning all about The Stone Age. Including learning about Stone age Britain, the science of rocks and soils and studying Neolithic sites in Britain. Our end goal is for the children to present a news bullet in on the stone age showcasing everything they’ve learnt.

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Year 3 We Will Rock You



The children have been working hard at securing Place value this term. We have seen a real improvement in both their understanding and confidence.

We have been focusing on times tables, with a particular focus on the 3s and 4s. We have seen confidence, enthusiasm and engagement towards maths improve as a result of this focused practise.


We will be learning to write a fiction story based on our class book ‘The Stone Giant’, Kenning poetry and writing a script for a news bullet-in. We will also be reading Stig of the Dump during our We Will Rock You topic. Our spellings tests are held fortnightly on a Friday – practise sheets will be sent out for homework as well as being practised in class thorughout the fortnight. Reading is a big push this year; working on our comprehension skills. Reading at home is vital to support our work at school. Please use the reading journals provided to show how often your child has been reading at home.



Pictures from our lessons

Take a look at some of the great work that the Year 3 children did in 2020 – 2021!