English Games

Grammar Terminology

Here are some great games for you to play to help you with those grammatical terms we need to know:

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Verbs in Space

What are adverbs?

Spot the nouns

Spot the adjectives

Different types of nouns

Edit these Super Stories by improving the verbs and adverbs!


Have a go at matching the homophones in this pairs game using the pin LK2386. Can you find out what each of them means and use each one in a sentence?  Here are some other homophone games!

Practise the Year 3/4 Common Exception Words in this game that splits words up into syllables to help you learn (click on ‘Practise/Test’, then ‘Begin Practice’ to play).

Practise spelling and punctuation with Karate Cats.

Choose the correct vowel digraphs to complete the words in this fun coconut shooting game.


Viking Phonics Game

Forest Phonics Game

Read the sentences and save the penguins from the yeti.

Practise tricky words on trucks.

Jump on the real words to get the frog across the river.

Obb and Bob