Maths Games

Times Tables Games and Resources

The Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check will be in June. You can practise your Times Tables with these games:

Year 4 Times Tables Test Practise

Hit the Button

Funky Mummy Egyptian Times Tables Game

Times Tables Platform Game

Printable Activities

Rangoli Patterns Colour By Multiplication Sheets

Times Tables Board Game

Have a go at these games

Rocket Rounding

Hit the Button (doubles, halves, number bonds, times tables or division facts)

Mental Maths Train (calculations)

Daily 10 (set yourself a timed challenge for a range of mathematical concepts)

Birds v Robots Maths Battle (various skills)

Mathematics Curriculum Areas

Place Value

To support you with your knowledge and understanding of place value, why not try some of these fabulous games!

Addition and Subtraction

A collection of great games – including Maths Road Hopper and Maths Bowling Quiz!  Improve your addition and subtraction skills here!

Multiplication and Division

We cannot tell you how important knowing your times tables is!  Here are some great games including Snowball Smash and Multiplication Tile Crash!


These can be a little tricky!  Why not play some games to help you!


Here you can practise all things relating to capacity, mass, length and time!


Get to grips with statistics by trying some of these games!


All you need to know about shape and space – have a look at these games!