Optional Extra Learning Activities

Do a  Joe Wicks session (new sessions available Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Learn a new dance from Just Dance.

Alternatively, why not go for a walk with the family – there are a number of Walks On Your Doorstep!  We would love to see any photos of you on these walks!

Try out these Disney Dance Workouts!

Please login to TT Rockstars or use one of the following links to practise your times tables.



Be creative! You can be creative in lots of different ways. It’s not just about art. Here are some ways you could be creative:

Baking or cooking – create a new dish or decorate your baking

Create your own movie/video using a phone or tablet

Go on a scavenger hunt outside and collect leaves and other things you can find, create a picture or pattern using what you have found

Make some music –  see what different sounds you can make with what you have at home and then put the sounds together to create your own music.

Take a photograph – get creative with a camera. Maybe you can find an interesting angle on an ordinary object. Or you could try the Getty Museum Challenge, people have been recreating famous pieces of art using what they have at home. See the pictures below for ideas.