Year 4

Autumn Term

What a great first term we all had. The children learnt about Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and why the invaded Britain. We all made coil pots out of clay and a Viking string pouch using backstitch. In English, we continued to develop our writing reading and writing skills around the books: Beowulf and How To Train A Dragon. The children worked hard in Maths, building on knowledge in place value and addition and subtraction. In Science, we learnt about teeth, the digestive system, where the children dissected an owls pellet and finished off with habitats and classification. We also had an amazing trip to the theatre to watch and support one of our own Year 4 students in the show – Peter Pan.


Our expectation is that homework is completed weekly and handed into the class teacher. Homework will be sent out on a Friday and then it should be returned the following Friday.

We can support your child with homework as part of the school day but the work set is to reinforce the learning within school so children should be able to access the work at home.

To support spelling (Spelling Shed) and times tables (TT Rockstars) in Year 4, we will be using online apps to make these fun and engaging. If you need a login for either of the websites, please let us know and we will get another one sent home.

Topic Homework

The homework bingo can be completed in any order and gives you the chance to get creative and undertake further research on our topic ‘Extreme Earth’.

We would love to see or taste any of your homework, so once completed, please bring it into school and wow us.

Homework Bingo Spring

Autumn Term


Our topic this term is called ‘Extreme Earth’. As part of this, children will be learning about natural disasters from around the world and where and why they occur. Children will also be learning about states of matter and electricity in Science.

The attachments below show our topic overview and also the learning journey and the exciting outcomes that your child will achieve within our main drivers this term. The main drivers for this term are: Geography, Science and Design and Technology. Each learning journey shows the sequence of skills and knowledge that they will gain during ‘Extreme Earth’.

Year 4 Extreme Earth

Journey Outcomes Extreme Earth

Here are some useful topic words that will support your learning at home.


This term we will be using The Wizard of Oz by Frank .L. Baum to drive our writing and reading outcomes. Through this text the children will write a recount, a character description and a narrative as well as answering comprehension question about it.

We will also be using a Non-Fiction book (Earth Shattering Events) to support our reading. This will help to develop the childrens understanding of key weather systems and locations from around the world.


We follow the White Rose overview to support our maths learning. This term, we will be focusing on Multiplication and Division, Length and Perimeter, Fractions and Decimals.

As part of our Year expectations, all children will take part in the MTC (multiplication tables check) as part of government expectations. Therefore, children will be focusing on set tables fortnightly. They will also be practising the recall of arithmetic skills.

Here is some further information about the MTC

Parent Info For MTC

Please look below for useful links.