Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

What a wonderful start the children have made to the year as they have fully immersed themselves in the great outdoors! We have been lucky enough to spend lots of time outdoors, including going on a minibeast hunt, spending time in the woods making a fire and making our own bird’s nest to investigate their habitats! This helped us to inform our non-chronological reports in our writing sessions and gave us the opportunity to do some practical measurement work in the natural environment!

Over the next few weeks we will be beginning our new topic- ‘ALL ABOARD THE LONGSHIP’. Set sail on an adventure over a 100 years back in time as we explore what life was like for the Angolo-Saxons and Vikings. Where did they choose to settle? What did they wear? How did they get to Britain? Please keep your eyes peeled for some more information regarding our ‘Angolo-Saxon day’ towards the end of the half term!

In our writing we will be allowing our creative juices to flow in the form of a myth and legend story based on the Angolo-Saxon myth ‘Beowolf’! In topic we will be learning all about life back in these interesting, amazing periods and exploring why people choose to settle where they did! Our maths work will be focused on place value- more information can be found on the maths tab on the website!

Maths Expectations

To help you prepare for Year 4, it would be great if you could work on the following key skills. Take a look at the following document:

Year 4 Maths Key Skills

In Year 4 all children will complete a timetable test on the computers. It would be great if you could practice typing your answers online so you’re ready when we do the tests in the summer.

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