Year 4

Easter Homework

None of the work needs to be returned to school.

Times Tables – please practise all the times tables to 12×12. Year 4 will be doing their Multiplication Tables Check in June and need to know all their times tables with quick recall for this.

Reasoning – please complete the multiple choice reasoning questions on addition and subtraction, fractions of amounts and times tables. If possible, see if your child can explain how they know the answer. Please get your child to self-mark and correct any mistakes.

Reasoning Homework Answers

Time – we will be learning time in Summer Term. Many of the children struggle with telling the time after missing out on learning during lockdown. Your child’s pack includes the materials needed to make a paper plate clock (see instructions). Once your child has made the clock they can practise telling the time using it. You can also help your child by telling the time together throughout the day.


Over Easter, we are focusing on Common Exception Words. We will test the children on a random selection on Monday 25th April.

Blue and Yellow Group

Please learn any spellings you do not know from the Y3/4 Spelling List

Statutory Spellings Years 3 And 4

Green Group

Please learn any words you do not know from this list of common exception words:

Common Exception Words

Spring Term

The children have loved learning all about natural disasters. They took part in a virtual workshop from the Natural History Museum about volcanoes and earthquakes. They have created their own models of the earth and designed and tested earthquake-resistant structures. In English they have written figurative poetry, TV news reports, non-chronological reports and persuasive adverts. In Maths, they have learnt multiplication and division, statistics, fractions and decimals. See the pictures below of some of the things Year 4 got up to this term and their amazing work!

Summer Term

Year 4’s topic during the Summer Term will be Secrets of the Sarcophagus (Ancient Egyptians). The children will learn about the history of the earliest civilsations around the world and then about life in Ancient Egypt. In Geography, they will learn about rivers and compare Egypt and Britain. Their Design Technology project this term will be using mechanisms to make moving toys with an Egyptian theme. They will also learn about sound in Science and programming and data logging in ICT.

In English, the children will focus on narrative writing for the first half term, completing a setting description, a character description and a piece of dialogue. They will then write instructions, explanation texts and limericks in the final half term.

In Maths, we will continue to learn about decimals before moving onto money, time, shape and position and directiom. Year 4 will take the Multiplication Tables Check in June. Please see here for information for parents from the government.

Here is our Topic Web for this term:

Year 4 Secrets Of The Sarcophagus

Autumn Term

The children have really enjoyed learning all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in our topic ‘All Aboard the Longship’ in Autumn Term. In English, they wrote their own Beowulf-style hero myths, instructions for how to slay a monster, adventure stories and diaries based on How To Train Your Dragon and newspaper reports about finding Viking bones. They learnt about how Anglo-Saxons and Vikings lived and why they invaded Britain. The children also learnt about Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements in Leicester and Thurmaston including the story of the Thurmaston Urn (an important Anglo-Saxon artefact found just one mile away from Eastfield Primary School). In science, the children learn about teeth and the digestive system. They made their own Viking ‘poo’ and used it to discover what Vikings ate. They also learnt that Vikings used to file their teeth to appear more scary to their enemies!

Have a look at the pictures below to see some of the work the children completed in Autumn Term.

Maths Expectations

Take a look at the following document to see the key skills for Year 4:

Year 4 Maths Key Skills

In Year 4 all children will complete a timetable test on the computers. It would be great if you could practice typing your answers online so you’re ready when we do the tests in the summer.

 Wow Wall Autumn 2021