Year 5

Welcome Back to School  Year 5.


Escape the Labyrinth

This topic is all about Ancient Greece and we will be delving into the history and exploring the Greek Gods and Goddesses, studying ancient art work including patterns and sculpture associated with the era. The children will take part in a Greek themed day, where they will learn about Greek music, singing and traditional dances. The children will also taste Greek food and make a laurel leaf headdress.


In English, we will be reading ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ which links with our current topic. We will also be reading about lots of the favourite Greek Mythology such as – Pandora’s Box, Medusa, Theseus and the Minotaur. They will be learning how to use description in their writing to create tension and imagery. They will have many opportunities to publish their work.

Towards the end of the term, we will be focusing on poetry.


In Mathematics we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and Roman Numerals.  We will continue the times tables practise alongside weekly arithmetic and key skills.

Maths Expectations

To help you prepare for Year 5, it would be great if you could work on the following key skills. Take a look at the following document:

Year 5 Maths Key Skills


Your child will be given a new set of spellings to practise each week and will be tested weekly.

Please download the spelling lists below. Your child should know which group they are in.

Spellings Group 2 Wk 1 6

Spelling Group 1 Wk1 6


The homework set at present is spellings practise, daily reading and times table Rockstars.

We will be setting up additional homework in the coming weeks.

Topic work 2022 – 2023

Coming soon.