Year 6

Eco – Warriors!

What a super start to Year 6! We have, so far, been learning all about plastic pollution and the eco – warriors of our generation. We will continue to learn about global warming, the importance of the ocean and how as individuals we can make a positive difference. We will also be implementing some exciting eco-initiatives around school (with the support of our amazing eco-club).

Eco Warriors Wow Work

Check out some of the Wonderful work we have produced during this mini topic!

Axis and Allies

In the coming weeks, we will start our new topic called Axis and Allies, in which we will learn about all aspects of the Second World War including; propaganda, what life was like in Britain during this time, war tactics, the holocaust and territories gained and lost.


In English, we will be studying debate, biographies and explanation texts. This will link with our Topic work on ‘Axis & Allies’ (WWII). We will be writing and hosting debates in class, based on independent research. In reading, we will continue to work on our comprehension skills (in particular, selecting evidence from the text) through our class novel: ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’.



In mathematics we will be focussing on number – more specifically addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be using the inverse to problem solve and check our answers. We will also, as a whole school, be practising our times tables in fortnightly blocks – focussing first on the 3 times table and working our way up to 12, including division facts also.

Maths Expectations

To help you prepare for Year 6, it would be great if you could work on the following key skills. Take a look at the following document:

Year 6 Maths Key Skills

Wow Work 2020 – 2021

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