Year 6

The Trading Game!

In the summer term, our topic will be called The Trading Game. During this exciting topic, we will learning to compare the human and physical features of countries around the world and how they trade with other countries. The children will also be working collaboratively in small groups to design and pitch a product, Dragon’s Den style, which they will then market to the rest of the children at school. We will be working hard to perfect their presentation and confidence skills, which will support our end of year celebrations (more information to follow about this).

Some of our children will be going on an adventure to Kingswood residential Centre in Colomendy, Wales later this term. The trip will provide the children with the opportunity to fantastic experiences together before moving on to their secondary schools. Those who are staying at school have some fun filled activities planned too!

Our Science learning this term will focus on two units: light and Animals including humans.

What is trade? 

Look at these brand logos. Do you recognise them? What are they for? Do you know the country they come from?

A timeline of global trade 

Maths Expectations

To help you prepare for Year 6, it would be great if you could work on the following key skills. Take a look at the following document:

Year 6 Maths Key Skills

Survival of the Fittest!

During the Spring term, Year 6 have been learning various different skills to help them to survive. The children have undertaken first aid training, delivered by British Red Cross, working through a range of scenarios from broken bones and burns to administering hands- only CPR. They also work collaboratively in teams to build shelters down in our forest school woodland. Look out for some pictures of their shelters below. We also sharpened our maps using compasses, Ordnance Survey symbols and 6 figure grid references to identify and locate places on the map and in our local area.

Whilst studying evolution and inheritance through our science unit, the children learnt about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution following his discoveries in the Galapagos Islands. They also explored genetics and genetic code – extracting DNA from strawberries. The children used Mr Men and Little Miss characters to demonstrate their understanding of inherited traits in offspring and investigated which inherited traits members of the class had.

With the help of Miss Norman and Mrs Burnip, Year 6 carried out an artist study on Batik artist Kay Shaffer. They then experimented with the Batik technique themselves, trying to encapsulate Shaffer’s style in their Galapagos Island  animal artwork. See the wonderful results below.

Axis and Allies

During the Autumn term, the children have learned about WWII in our ‘Axis and Allies’ topic. They were hoping to be able to invite you to attend our WWII exhibition at the end of term. Instead, they invite you to view some of the wonderful work they have produced below!

In English, we read the novels ‘The Boy in the striped Pyjamas’ and ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. Through these texts, we wrote debate speeches and character description as well as learning about key events of the war: the life of an evacuee and the holocaust.

We also carried out a media study, learning all out propaganda and its uses during WWII. Here are a selection of the children’s own versions…

We also interviewed Leicester’s ‘Singing Land Army Girl’ Sylvia Taylor; who gave us a real insight into women’s roles during the war. Following our research, the children wrote persuasive campaigns to encourage others to join the Land Army and the W.A.A.F (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force)  Here are some photos of Sylvia below and the writing the children produced.

In our Topic sessions, the children have explored the chronology of WWII, creating time lines and learning about key events and people through secondary sources. Here is some of the artwork they have produced…


Our Science unit on electricity allowed us to link our learning to Morse code.  We investigated the affect voltage has on the brightness of a bulb before ending the unit by building a circuit and transmitting Morse code messages, which a friend would decipher. Can you decipher this message?

—   .   .-.    .-.   -.–  / -..-   —   .-   …


Finally, having learnt about the different Air- Raid Shelters used during the Blitz, the children took on the challenge of designing and creating their own Anderson Shelters; which they are very excited to share with you below. What creativity!

(Click on each image to enlarge)

Eco – Warriors!

What a super start to Year 6! We have, so far, been learning all about plastic pollution and the eco – warriors of our generation. We will continue to learn about global warming, the importance of the ocean and how as individuals we can make a positive difference. We will also be implementing some exciting eco-initiatives around school (with the support of our amazing eco-club).

Eco Warriors Wow Work

Check out some of the Wonderful work we have produced during this mini topic!