Design Technology at Eastfield

At Eastfield Primary, our aim is to inspire children to use their creativity to design and create products that solve real life problems. This enables children to actively participate in the changing technological world, as users, consumers, service makers, designers, innovators or observers. We strive to ensure children use their imagination to create authentic designs for a real purpose using their understanding of how things work.

In food Technology, children are equipped with an understanding of nutrition and a variety of cooking techniques to enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

The children learn a range of practical skills and knowledge to make products that meet the needs of those who use them. They have a thorough understanding of the design process from initial design ideas to making their product and finally testing, refining and developing their products as part of their evaluation.  Children are given opportunities to create products in different areas of design and technology involving; structures, mechanisms, textiles and food. The principles of health and safety are taught as an integral part of DT lessons so that children understand the importance of this when making their products. Children are inspired by learning about engineers, designers, chefs and architects and will make links with design and technology in the real world

In food technology, they apply the principles of cooking and nutrition, understand seasonality and where food comes from. They cook a variety of dishes using increasingly complex cooking techniques from the Food for Life programme.

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Rachel Robinson

Sarah Smith