Music at Eastfield

“Music gives a soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind,

Flight to the imagination

and a life to everything.”

– Plato

What is the purpose for teaching this music? 

 Music is arguable the most fulfilling, fun and life-enriching subject of all of them. It can help us to relax and reflect, develop creative thinking, teach children about different cultures and help to build self-confidence. These are fundamental elements to enable children to grow and develop physically, mentally and socially. Learning to play an instrument has enormous value too, this can help develop maths and pattern-recognition skills, help to master memorisation and enable the children to learn how to work well in a team.  

How is the music taught? 

Our music curriculum here at Eastfield Primary, gives children the opportunity to develop their voice, play a variety of instruments, use technology and have the opportunity to progress to the next level in music excellence. The children will listen to, perform, review and evaluate their own performances and that of others, whilst having the opportunity to learn about different genres of music and study great composers and historical musicians. Children will explore how music is created, produced and communicated by learning about pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure and appropriate notations. 

Please take a look at our whole school overview for more details:

Music Progression Map

Music Leader:

Mrs L Campana