School Uniform

The Eastfield school uniform is as follows:

To order school uniform please click the following link: Order school Uniform 


  • Black or grey skirt, trousers or shorts
  • White T-shirt or shirt
  • Blue checked summer dress
  • Flat school shoes
  • Blue jumper or cardigan


  • Black or grey skirt or trousers
  • White T shirt or shirt
  • Black or grey school dress
  • Black or grey tights or socks
  • Flat school shoes
  • Blue jumper, cardigan or fleece

Please make sure that all your child’s clothes are named – coats, hats, gloves, skirts, trousers, blouses, t-shirts, jumpers, cardigans and all their PE kit (shorts, T shirt and plimsolls). 

PE kit

  • Black shorts, leggings or jogging trousers
  • White crew neck T-shirt
  • Black or blue sweatshirt jumper or warm top
  • Black trainers or plimsolls

If your child loses an item of clothing, there is a lost property box in each bubble group. Staff will help children go through these boxes regularly.

PE kits would usually be at school throughout out the term. However, we are currently asking that children do bring their PE kit to school.

When your childs class have a PE lesson you will be asked to send your child to school in their PE kit for the day.

Please note, it is not appropriate for your children to wear jewellery in school. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that all earrings, including studs and sleepers, are removed before coming to school. 

Religious jewellery is allowed to be worn but needs to be covered or removed during PE.