What have you been doing recently to look after your wellbeing?

Year 6 PR team’s top 8 tips: 

1. 5 minute meditation
Try watching the flickering candle flame – just like we have been practising in our assemblies.

2.Keep a gratitude diary  – Write down 3 things that you are grateful for each day.

3.Mindfulness colouring  (click here to download)

4.Beatbox and breathe – Watch this video to practise  some cool breathing techniques

5. Stop and connect – Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling

6. Try a 30 second reset

7.Play with sensory toys

8.Read positive quotes

NSPCC Website

The NSPCC website has 4 lovely games for calmness. They also have some different games for different moods. Check them out here:

Games | Childline

In addition, they have a lovely ‘calm zone’:

Calm zone | Childline

Here they have activities or tools to help children feel better if they are anxious, scared or sad.

PE with Joe 

Exercise releases chemicals that help to improve your mood. Have a go at some of  the PE with Joe videos to boost your mood. You are also strengthening your character by working towards our school character count ” I am happy and healthy” .

If you prefer a slower version of exercise, why not try these Yoga videos:

Cosmic Kids

Yoga for kids