Vision & Values

At Eastfield Primary Academy, we have a vision that underlies all that we do:

‘For all our children to be kind, courageous and curious citizens, helping them to shine for a bright and happy future in our diverse world.’ 

Through the whole school community working together, we achieve and maintain a school environment based on mutual respect and trust, with high standards of work and behaviour.
This involves teachers, teaching assistants, mid-day supervisors, office staff, parents and children all working towards the same objective – a safe, calm school.

Our mission is to ensure the pupils in our care leave Eastfield ready for secondary school and the wider world.  We want to help them become good citizens playing a positive role within the school and local community as well as understanding the role they play in shaping the world at large. We have 10 core characteristics that we wish to develop because we know that ‘character counts’, in children and in grown ups!

Character counts

  1. I am ambitious
  2. I am compassionate
  3. I am confident
  4. I am courteous
  5. I am creative
  6. I am happy and healthy
  7. I am kind
  8. I am resilient
  9. I am respectful
  10. I am tolerant

We now have an additional Character Count: I am brave.

The creation of our happy, secure and friendly environment allows children to learn and develop as caring and responsible people, understanding and respecting the differences that we have.

Our core values permeate through everything we do, and how we behave towards one another, where there is harmony, wellbeing and success for all.