KS1 Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview

In years 1 and 2, the children continue with core and foundation subjects. In KS1 we focus on topic-based teaching, with the majority of the curriculum being linked to a central topic. Although we offer a broad range of experiences for KS1 children, we place a strong emphasis on establishing a good foundation of basic skills. Particularly reading, writing and maths. Each child reads weekly on a 1:1 basis with an adult and also receives a weekly guided read session, which focuses on developing their comprehension and inference skills. Children continue to receive daily phonics lessons following the Letters and Sounds programme – and in year 2 daily spelling lessons are planned by the class teacher.

As a school, we do not use one reading scheme in isolation so that the children have access to a wide range of texts. These texts are carefully book-banded to ensure the correct level of challenge for each pupil. We use ORT, Rigby, Rapid Reading and non-scheme texts. During year 1, the children complete the national phonics test. This is a short reading activity which is led 1:1 with the child’s teacher or a teacher who is familiar to them.

Towards the end of Year 2, the children take a series of national tests called Standard Attainment Tasks (SATs). These are incorporated into our daily routine where possible and are usually found to be enjoyable rather than stressful for the children.
In KS1 the children will cover work on many topics over a year. They work as a class, in small groups, as a key stage or individually. Much of the work is practical and is designed to be stimulating and fun.

During the year, children take part in assemblies, whole school multicultural celebrations such as Diwali, the Christmas Production, and Sports Day. The children may also be given the opportunity to go on an educational visit connected with their topic work.

Parents have an important role to play in their child’s education and where there is good home-school co-operation, children make the best possible progress. Parents are always given a warm welcome in school and their help and support in the classroom is much appreciated. Parents are invited into the school each half term for a learning journey in which they can sit down with their child and look at their work. The children enjoy showing off their progress and development and looking at how their work has improved throughout the year.

Year 1 and 2 curriculum:

FS and KS1 topic overview

Primary National Curriculum

Letters and Sounds

FS and KS1 topic overview

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