KS2 Curriculum

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview

In KS2, our creative, cross-curricular and topic-based curriculum allows us to encourage children to follow lines of enquiry that appeal to them. The pupils have access to a wide variety of activities based around a theme or topic. Our curriculum includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum; it also aims to provide a range of experiences to enrich learning and development of all. We want our children to embrace our vision and values in order to create responsible and respectful citizens of the future.

We have a love of reading at Eastfield. The children participate in small groups of guided reading each week. Furthermore, they engage with activities centred around a class novel, have one-to-one reading and enjoy a class story read to them. Weekly spellings are also given to learn, which can improve their ever-increasing vocabulary. The progress of every child is carefully monitored to ensure that teachers are aware of, and plan for, the needs of each individual child.

In KS2, we empower the children to be able to recall their times tables through progressive four- weekly blocks. At the beginning of each block, a new times table is introduced. The children are taught a variety of games, songs and chants, which help them to learn the number facts fluently,  during the first fortnight. In the second half of the block, children add their knowledge of the newly learnt times table to their existing repertoire of tables.

During the year, children take part in: assemblies, whole school multicultural celebrations (such as Diwali), the end of KS2 performance and Sports Day. The children may also be given the opportunity to go on an educational visit connected with their topic work, experience workshops/ visitors at school or attend an outdoor/ adventurous residential trip. The children gain so much from these experiences: getting the chance to work as a team; demonstrate perseverance and resilience and learn some independence.

Towards the end of KS2, the Year 6 children will take a series national tests. These Standardised Attainment Tasks (SATs) are incorporated into school routines and aspects of classroom life to ensure that our children are as prepared as possible to showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired in KS2.

For further information on the KS2 curriculum please contact the year group team.