Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to Early Years at Eastfield

In our EYFS we intend to create life-long learners who have autonomy of their play, learning, experiences and investigations. Children should build curiosity and enhance their vocabulary, through experiences that stretch and challenge them.

The whole child is a focus, where Children are supported to build their character to help them succeed in education and in life. Kindness, resilience, bravery, confidence, respect and curiosity are all encouraged. Children are kind and considerate towards other children, animals and the environment. Building relationships is important, where we create a culture of listening and having open conversations.

Children are aware of their diverse local culture and are inclusive and understanding of those in their local area and beyond. They recognise and celebrate differences and what makes them unique. They are also introduced to a world beyond their window, learning about different places across the world and their role in caring for it.

At Eastfield, there is an equal balance between adult led and child-initiated learning, where children have time to apply and embed their learning through their play. Children are given the opportunity to choose and initiate their own investigations through their play, where they can extend their interests, with support from adults who can identify teachable moments. Therefore, at Eastfield, the adult’s role is to support learning that children have chosen for themselves, guiding them through development of language, offering resources or stretching thinking through questioning and discussion. These allow children’s personalised next steps to be acted on in the moment. Children are offered first hand experiences where they can link understanding to what they are being taught in class. Children’s interests and inquiries are considered in the curriculum, where children are asked what they would like to find out. Individual interests are also considered and developed through the children’s play.

Subject Leader

Laura Glover


Foundation Stage 1 Topics 2023 – 2024

This academic year we will be working on the following topics:

  • All About Me
  • Celebrations and Festivals
  • Traditional Tales
  • Nature Detectives
  • Travel and Holidays

Foundation Stage 2 Topics 2023 – 2024

This academic year we will be working on the following topics:

  • My Planet – A topic based around children’s emotions and character
  • Our Planet – This topic focuses on nature, seasons and our diverse and inclusive British culture
  • Pre-Historic Planet – A look into the frosty world of the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as a jump back in history to dinosaurs and the Stone Age
  • Plastic Planet – Time to explore our oceans and how to look after our planet
  • Humid Planet – Jumping across oceans next to explore hotter climates and how they differ from our own country
  • Fantasy Planet – Traditional tales, with dragons, knights and princesses!